Why Dinos?


With over 60 years of tradition related to a sustainable development policy, modern technology of recycling waste and an extensive network of warehouses, we provide integrated solutions for waste treatment. This makes a significant contribution to the preservation of natural resources.



Solutions for industry

With our integrated services of collection, disposal and treatment of waste materials, we take care of the socially responsible treatment of the useful waste of your company. Let your behaviour towards the environment become part of the policy of your company as you will contribute significantly to the protection of the environment and the preservation of natural resources.


Rešitve za javna podjetja

Solutions for public companies

We offer to public companies comprehensive solutions for waste treatment, such as collecting useful waste and the disposal of business documentation. With the collection of old paper which we offer to educational facilities, we also improve the environmental awareness of young people who represent our future.


Rešitve za občane

Solutions for citizens

We offer to purchase your usable waste that you can bring to our warehouses. In this way, citizens can contribute to a cleaner environment and the preservation of our natural resources with a socially responsible attitude, and they also have the possibility of making some additional money.



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